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Bruges Wednesday Market in The Markt

Every Wednesday The Markt in Bruges is home to the most traditional of old European town traditions, the market.  Overflowing with stalls selling all types of foods, flowers and gifts.

Buy fruit and vegetables direct from the farm, local cheeses, meats, plants, freshly baked bread, sweets and hot rotisserie chicken.  And of course Frites.

Depending on the season buy flowering plants, seedling vegetables, or seeds to plant your own! 

This is very much the market to go to for atmosphere and a real Flemish feeling.  Although not as big as the Saturday Market you will find that The Markt stalls offer more authentic products and local  handicrafts.

Admission is free

Days: Wednesday

Time: 10AM to 1PM

Also visit: Fish Market, open Tue-Sat,  and Saturday Market at t�Zand Square Market

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