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History of the Markt

The market took off all of Bruges in the 10th century many people and around 1200 became the first international fair held.

A market has been held in Bruges at least since the 10th Century and was already famous enough by 1200 for the first international fair to be held is the main square.  various buildings such as the great halls were built in the early 13th century, first as wooden buildings on the south side of the square and with wooden towers by the middle of the century though these were repeatedly destroyed by fire and rebuilt.

As a major trading centre for the region a canal came all the way up to the market square from the Damme and there were buildings called Waterhalle to house boats and provide storage for goods.  Fishmongers also used the market square at least since 1396 before moving into their own separate market in 1745.

With the move away of the fish trade the corn market came into the Markt Square as well as major festivals and competitions.  As a major city square announcements of importance were made here and public executions were also held.  Today the Wednesday Market, the Christmas Market and various concerns and musical activities are held here.

Given many names over the years the main square finally was formally renamed The Markt in 1936, it was rebuilt to be a better public space without any car parking in 1997. 

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